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It’s Almost Lupine Time!

lupine north shore minnesotaNorth shore Minnesota lupinesWe get a lot of questions from renters regarding seasonal events: “When will the fall colors be at their peak? When will it snow? When will the blueberries be ripe?” At this time of year, we’re commonly asked, “When will the lupines bloom?”

These brilliant flower spikes color the roadsides and open fields in blue, pink and white during the peak of their bloom. A large swath of lupines is a striking scene and many flower lovers and amateur photographers look forward to capturing the image.

This year it looks like the lupine bloom will be rather late. The budding flowers have just started growing and are only a few inches tall. We guess it will be about two weeks until the peak of the bloom time. While the bloom time varies from year to year, in general the peak is between mid-June and the first week of July.  – Kate

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