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Hike to Lookout Mountain

A hike to Lookout Mountain at Cascade River State Park was just what the doctor ordered last Saturday.   To hike to Lookout Mountain you can start at the Cascade River parking area off Highway 61.   Dressed in our bright colors for hunting season, we started our trek along the Cascade River (if you are going to Lookout Mountain stay on the Lutsen side of the hiking trail/Cascade River).   The river was beautiful with portions starting to freeze over.  At the first waterfall the ice was amazing to see.  It seems so early, but it had been pretty cold the days before.  The hiking trail itself was hard packed in some places and muddy in others.  Hiking in the late fall brings so much more to the experience.  You can see through the trees at what lies ahead and you can see amazing views of Lake Superior.  The hike itself is about 3.5 miles.  The view from the top overlooks the surrounding hillside and is worth the time and effort!  You can faintly hear the Cascade River below.  If you need a break, there are 2 small benches to sit and ponder life for a bit.  A favorite after a hike at Cascade River State Park is always breakfast at Cascade Lodge.  You just can’t go wrong with any of their great food choices.  Comfort Food + Great Hike = Awesome Day on the North Shore *Kris

The View from Lookout Mountain at Cascade River State Park

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