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Cascade Vacation Rentals Campus Project

Construction recently started on Cascade Vacation Rentals’ new campus building in Lutsen. The project kicked off last Thursday, September 10 with a groundbreaking ceremony (see photos below). The campus building begins to address critical county-wide issues and also helps us tackle some business obstacles.

The lack of workforce housing/rental housing and affordable based housing in Cook County is a chronic problem. While collective efforts are being made to address this problem through an affiliation of related groups, agencies, task force and others, having any project shovel-ready through an agency related process is likely a year or two out. This lack of housing stock problem has caused young families and young individuals to leave Cook County further exacerbating employers ability to attract and retain a stable workforce.

To bridge that gap, many area employers, including Cascade Vacation Rentals, have adopted an international work program whereby employers recruit international students through a J1 Visa on seasonal terms. This has helped solve some seasonal demands, specifically in our housekeeping department.

In the past, we have housed our international students, throughout the county where we could find available and suitable rental space – and that has been a challenge in and of itself. Our new campus building includes two-two bedroom apartments and will house up to eight people in one central location. In addition to the central location for all our students, this housing change will enhance their experience and the amount of support they receive.

The building will also enable us to provide better service to our guests and owners by consolidating our supplies and laundry under one roof. Instead of our supplies being housed in various places throughout the county, one central location will now be available for all supplies. The new private commercial laundry facility will also help increase our efficiency and increase our control over quality. In the past our laundry services have been performed in public laundromats and have given us little control over many external factors.

Several areas of the building also remain open for future expansion. Possible uses include an independently run daycare  or additional apartments.



Tala, Kat and Sarena (Cascade Vacation Rentals office senior staff)

Jeff Latz (Owner/Developer of Latz Properties), Jim Boyd (Cook County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director) and Scott Harrison (Board member of EDA and "Go Cook County Task Force")

Jeff Latz (Owner/Developer of Latz Properties), Jim Boyd (Cook County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director) and Scott Harrison (Board member of EDA and “Go Cook County Task Force”)

The groundbreaking ceremony

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