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Silver Creek Cliff: The North Shore’s highest bluff

Silver Creek CliffAt 398 feet, Silver Creek Cliff is the highest bluff that rose directly out of Lake Superior. Many of the roads along the North Shore ran inland, but in 1923, blasting created a scary, winding road that ran along the side of the cliff. Despite being a dangerous and nerve-wracking drive, it was also one of the most gorgeous drives in the country.

Since then, the trail has now been made into a bike and walking trail, but still is home to the same spectacular views. Today, the main highway cuts through the cliff itself and the current road is about 125 feet above the Lake, a whole 273 feet less than the original 398-foot cliff.

While the cliff may not rise to the heights it used to, every time you pull over to check out the view, you will not be disappointed. It will feel as if you were standing inside of a postcard. Have your camera ready and be sure to capture some pictures of the beautiful Lake Superior.

The Silver Creek Cliff Trail can be found approximately 4.5 miles north of Two Harbors, immediately after the Silver Creek Tunnel. Pull into the parking lot on your right. You will find the trail running alongside the bluff.


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