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A Mysterious Structure at Gooseberry State Park

Just 13 miles north of Two Harbors stands one of the most unique and well-crafted pieces of work on the North Shore. Without knowing its history, the water town that is found at Gooseberry State Park appears out of place and somewhat mysterious. Built from red and blue granite, the Water Tower at Gooseberry looks so unique, some even say it’s from a fairy tale.


The water tower itself stands around 25 feet tall with a 17-foot diameter. Housing a 10,000 gallon take that is no longer in use, the tank served as a water source because there was no well nearby. The Civilian Conservation Corps managed to fill the tank from the CCC camp up the river, making its presence a crucial factor in the surrounding community members lives. They knew they needed something that would blend well with the natural beauty surrounding it, so they hired U.W. Hella and two Italian masons to construct the beautiful stone work surrounding the tank.


Today, the water tower still stands tall and proud, drawing in anyone who happens to pass by. There is a short dirt path from one of the roads in the park that makes it easy for people to get to and enjoy. So, during your next trip to Gooseberry State Park, be sure to stop by to enjoy its grandeur.

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