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Whispering Giants Sculpture in Two Harbors

Peter Wolf Toth is a well-known American Sculptor known in Minnesota for his impressive statue built in Two Harbors. He built and erected this sculpture in 1977, but was drawn back to it when he heard it needed repair. Spending weeks camped out next to the statue, Peter was unpaid and basically unnoticed, but was determined to give the previous inhabitants back what he had once been so proud of.


Completing a total of 71 statues, the entire collection is known as The Trail of Whispering Giants and can be found all over the US and even various Canadian Provinces. The collection is even cataloged by the Smithsonian. Although it is an ongoing project, Peter has been recognized all over the country for his incredible artistry. He always donates the sculptures to the community he makes it in, and never charges a fee for his time.


The statue itself in Two Harbors stands around 30 feet tall and is made of pine. It is located at the Visitor Center within Two Harbors and has plenty of picnic tables and space to enjoy a nice afternoon. There is also an original Civilian Conservation Corps cabin nearby filled with maps and brochures for all to enjoy.

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