Cascade Vacation Rentals has enjoyed some publicity lately, and I got to go to Minneapolis to appear on TV!  Over the last 10 days, I appeared on Fox9 news, KARE 11 news and Twin Cities Live.  It’s always fun to have an excuse to spend a few days in the big city.  I went shopping, ate some good food, and got to wear my “fancy” clothes (as opposed to jeans and a fleece jacket – the northwoods uniform.)  Everyone who worked with the TV stations was incredibly friendly and helpful and being on camera was nowhere near as scary as I’d imagined.  It was really neat to see behind the scenes of a live TV show. 

Still, two days is about all I need of city life.  By the time I was driving home last night, I was really happy to see the traffic thin out as I neared Duluth.  Once past Duluth, I was the only car on the road and even my headlights couldn’t dim the amazing stars over the lake.  I passed many deer, a wolf and a skunk.  With every mile that passed quietly, I could feel my body relax.  I suspect that many of you know what I’m talking about, and that’s why you come up to the North Shore year after year.  For those of us who live here, we sometimes need a little “vacation” to the city to remind us of the beauty of home.

If you’d like to see my TV appearances, where I talk about tips for a fall getaways, click on the links below:
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KARE11 (I don’t have video yet, but here’s a nice article they posted using my tips for fall vacations on the North Shore.)