Every region of the country is known for a specific type of cuisine, North Shore, Minnesota is no different. Although the days of lutefisk and potato pancakes are long past, their stories live on, as well as some modern interpretations. The north shore has plenty to offer for the modern or sophisticated palette, or good old fashioned home cooking, home cooked pies and culinary masterpieces live in harmony in Lutsen, MN.

Scandinavian tradition is a large part of Northern Minnesota culture. Scandinavian cuisine refers to dishes originating in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This refers to ingredients that include fish, pork and poultry; however the majority of their cuisine is focused on the sea or fresh water fish. Preparation for a lot of the Scandinavian traditional meals center around seasonal presence, especially winter; Scandinavia is a highly isolated area, so it was vital for the Vikings to prepare meals that would keep for the long winter. Also, since the Vikings would spend months at sea, they would often bring cured seafood, such as salmon or lutefisk with them to sustain the crew members for their journey. Since most of their time was spent on a boat, it was very important for the Vikings to master ways to prepare meals without heat, so they found things such as kosher salt, lye and other spices to prepare their meals.

For the decedents of the Vikings, they may use some of their ancestor’s recipes, but not on a daily basis, so for all the other times they are not eating ancient Viking cuisine, they have the fabulous restaurants and eateries of Lutsen, MN.

If a contemporary menu is something that interests you, check out Chez Jude. Join Chef Judi for lunch or high tea in the afternoon, and then be sure to stick around for her dinner offerings as well as the late night menu.

The Cascade Lodge restaurant offers picturesque views of Lake Superior with a lodge-type atmosphere complete with animal trophies on the walls.

There is also the Lutsen Resort Dining Room which has a very homey feel with the large stone fireplace and classic Scandinavian architecture, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

If live music is more your speed, check out Papa Charlies Restaurant and Nightclub. With three outside on-mountain decks with expansive views of the North Shore. Bands from the Twin Cities area come up for live music performances that are sure to rock your stay in Lutsen, MN.