The season of breathtaking red maples peering over yellow birch which intermingle with aspens and conifers, will soon create a North Shore scene bursting with the most vibrant colors. Nature being the artist, we will soon be marked as one of the most beautiful places to be for the upcoming fall color event. Up North is where the quiet green of summer foliage transforms into a vivid autumn palette of reds, oranges, gold and browns. This happens due to the shortening of days and crisp temperatures.

The main influences of this season are temperature and moisture. It seems that the continuation of sunny, warm days and cool, crisp nights that are above freezing temperatures, accelerate spectacular color displays. The large sugar production in the leaf, the cool nights and the gradual closing of veins into the leaf prevent sugars from moving out. Large amounts of sugar and light enhance production of reds, purples, and crimson. Carotenoids, always present in leaves, causes the gold colors to be fairly constant from year to year. A late spring or severe summer drought can usually delay the onset of fall colors. A warm fall can lower the intensity.

We sometimes see the first signs of autumn as early as the end of August and say our good-byes, until next year, following MEA. We hope you can enjoy this season soon! -Cindy