August is truly my favorite month. The weather is warm and the sun is almost always shining, there is often a lake breeze to cool you down if you’re on the verge of breaking a sweat and there are so many adventures to be had. For instance, this afternoon I was able to join the Avanti Charters for their 1:30 sail on Lake Superior. Disclosure: Before you read on please realize I am not a professional sailor and will not be using anything resembling correct sailing terms for this blog.

The Captain Nathanael Kuenzli and his first mate Teri Chilefone took two trips in a small float boat from the shoreline at Bluefin Bay to bring their 7 passengers to the sailboat. We motored out just a bit into the lake before the sails were down with more than a little help from our fellow passengers and flowing in the wind taking us out into the wild, wild blue.  It is a spectacular experience to be in the middle of a double blue horizon where the sky kisses the lake.

Soon the a transformation from a passenger to skipper occurred and some of our young companions were given a chance to drive.  Very interesting conversations on an assortment of topics were discussed including but not limited to the migration of deer to the north shore of MN and aliens.

Being out on the lake can create that atmosphere where you are able to be in the present and enjoy a moment where everything is just right.  However, wherever, we hope you too are in a moment now.


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