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Fishing the North Shore and Boundary Waters

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Fishing near and on Lake Superior is to an angler what the Tour de France is to a cyclist. Likewise, fishing in or near the Boundary Water is the equivalent of traveling to Graceland for an Elvis fan.

In other words, we’re talking about some amazing places to go fishing.

From native brook trout swimming in cool, clear streams that flow into Lake Superior to pristine glacier-carved inland lakes with depths of more than 100 ft., there’s no shortage of opportunities when it comes to fishing in what our team at Cascade Vacation Rentals call our backyard.

So with the understanding the varied fishing opportunities can seem overwhelming by their mere abundance, let’s break it down and focus on two types of fishing.

Option #1: Topwater Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Topwater fishing is a simple concept. Your lure or fly (if you using a fly rod) stays on top of the water as you reel it in while pursuing fish. Rather than watching a bobber vanish to the depths or lazily bouncing a jig of the bottom, topwater fishing is all about working the surface. Most anglers use an imitation frog while fishing in this method, and often time the louder your retrieve the better. Topwater lures include the Hula-Popper, Heddon Torpedo or the Jitterbug. In fact, these are all classic and time-tested topwater lures. A smallmouth bass will mistake your lure to be a desperate frog and literally wallop it as it moves across the water. And then… hang on! Topwater magic!

Check back to the CVR blog in the coming weeks as we will have video posted of topwater fishing in the Boundary Waters.


Option #2: Charter Fishing on Lake Superior

Fishing on Lake Superior is at the top of many bucket lists for all levels of anglers. Because the “Big Lake” is so large, so deep and so powerful, many anglers opt to hire a guide or charter service when they go fishing on Lake Superior. There are charter fishing establishments in Duluth, Silver Bay, Tofte, Grand Marais and Thunder Bay to assist with narrowing the scope of an otherwise huge body of water.

Fishing on Lake Superior is a far cry from fishing on a neighborhood pond. It involves specialized equipment including downriggers, strong (and expensive) fishing rods and reels and a very capable watercraft. If you don’t have easy access to all of the above, hiring a guide is the way to go.

Once you are on the water, however, it will all be worth it. Lake trout the size of small farm animals swim in these waters. So too do salmon, steelhead trout and a wide variety of prized Minnesota game fish.

Flashy spoons or deep-diving plugs work well in Lake Superior. The key to finding the fish is to get your lure deep, literally hundreds of feet deep if possible. Again, a charter captain is probably the way to go when fishing on Lake Superior, and we’re more than happy at Cascade Vacation Rentals to help point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a chartered fishing vessel.



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Chippewa City Church

Friday, August 11th, 2017

There is little information available about the original native residents of Chippewa, a town that used to stand just east of Grand Marais. All that is left to hint at what life was like back when the town was alive is letters and photographs taken by European Settlers that made observations of the area. Only one building, that now serves as a stark reminder of what was once there, remains: the St. Francis Xavier Church.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this church was built under the direction of Father Specht in 1895 on land donated by Antoine and Antoinette Fillison. The community raised money by hand weaving baskets, filing them with baked goods, and selling them to fellow community members. Often times, lumberjacks were high bidders!

The church served as the only Catholic Church in Grand Marais from 1895-1916, until the opening of St. Johns. As the population of Chippewa City began to fall, so did the attendance and use of the church. It held its final mass at Christmas in 1936. To this day, the church stands tall and is the only physical remnant of what used to be such a vibrant community. To visit, call the museum and ask for opportunities at 218-387-2883.

To get there: One half mile North of Grand Marais, look for the brown historical marker. Just outside of town you’ll see an old white church on your right.



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Check back often for updates on where to go and the top things to do on your next North Shore visit.

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