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Spring Moose Adventures

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

The North Shore of Lake Superior is known for a great many things. Trees, lakes, cool breezes, festivals, adventures, and, of course, wildlife. I grew up on the shore and have seen a lot of animals over the years. Yet, I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen a moose. This elusive creature is a much sought after part of a trip to our area. I’ve been told that as long as you are willing to get up early and tromp into a wetland area, you’ll be able to see one. While I haven’t tried that out too many times, this month I had a surprise moose sighting on my way home.

As I was driving down the road with some friends, I noticed what appeared to be a large, dirt covered snow bank up ahead. While some snow has lingered up in the woods, I thought it quite odd to see such a large pile. As we approached and the “snow bank” started to move, I realized, wow, that must not be a snow bank. It’s a moose! I had seen some tracks and droppings while walking the dog nearby, but never a live moose. It was enjoying some tender spring shoots in a little creek. My friend was able to get a quick photo before our presence sent the moose deeper into the woods.

This sighting was a reminder that while we all love and enjoy the North Shore, it is also home to these majestic creatures. So keep your eyes open on your next trip to the North Shore and let us know what you see!


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Family Vacation on the North Shore (Part 2)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

As mentioned in my last blog, we had our family up after Christmas and enjoyed some time together and some time doing outdoor (and indoor) activities.

As some of our family left to go back home, the rest of the crew ventured north to Sawbill Lake for some cross country skiing.  A fresh blanket of snow had just fallen making everything around us covered white.  It was such a pretty drive.  We enjoyed some freshly groomed trails done by Bill Hansen who lives up at Sawbill.  He has made about a 2K loop around the campground area.  I saw a pine martin and a cute little bunny.  I had never been up to Sawbill and will definitely be returning again soon. 

The new snowfall also made it possible to do a dog sled ride.  The rides are given by Rita and Bill of Stoney Creek Kennels and are done about 10-15 miles up the Sawbill Trail in Tofte.  Each family group got a 20 minute ride through the quiet woods.  Bill mentioned the day before they saw 5 moose!  Even though we did not see any moose, it was still a fun thing to do. 

To finish up our trip the boys tried some sledding on the 310 Road which is also on the Sawbill Trail.  The road turns into a snowmobile path in the winter, but there was not enough snow at that time for snowmobiling, so we had the hill to ourselves. 

I think we made good use of our family vacation on the North Shore.  It was fun to go to places I had not been before as well show our family the great places we go all the time. -Kris

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