Want another excuse to visit the North Shore (as if you needed one)? Take a class! Grand Marais boasts not one, but TWO totally unique learning opportunities.

The Grand Marais Art Colony is the longest-lived art colony in Minnesota, established right after the Second World War. Its founders, Birney Quick and Byron Bradley (also known as the builder of the Spirit Haven rental home) originally called the colony The Outdoor School of Painting. Outdoor painting is still part of the Art Colony’s mission, with a Plein Air painting competition every fall. The Art Colony holds classes year round featuring all types of media and taught by artists from around the country.

The North House Folk School has not been in existence as long as the Art Colony, but has already shaped the culture of the town. As you drive into Grand Marais, you pass the campus on your right, a collection of brightly colored halls and fishing buildings. If you wander inside, you’ll find big rooms heated by woodstoves and people gathered around long tables. They might be building traditional snowshoes, making bread, felting wool, making a birchbark canoe or a host of other traditional northern crafts. There really is not anyplace else like North House Folk School, and people of all ages and ability levels can find a class to enjoy. You can head home from your vacation with a sense of renewal and a brand new skill!

After you book your class, be sure to call us to reserve the perfect spot to relax afterwards.