This year we have decided to embrace winter to its fullest with our son Carson.  He is now 3, and should get accustomed to the cold Minnesota weather and the fun you can have even when it is cold and you might now want to go out!   Two weekends ago we attempted to try downhill skiing in our backyard!  Joe put on his skis too and they ventured down the small hill we have.  It was exciting, but after a few runs we decided that downhill skiing would probably work better at Lutsen Mountains where it is meant to happen! 

This weekend we went out to Caribou Lake in Lutsen to try out Carson’s new cross country skis.  For his first time out he did a great job.  Joe’s mom is visiting, so she helped us out and made sure he was following the path and staying upright.  We probably enjoyed about an hour of outdoor fun.  It wasn’t that cold unless the wind was blowing.  As you can see in the pictures below, we probably could have just enjoyed a walk on the lake, but skiing was too much fun!  We skied back to the car with the promise of hot chocolate when we got home.  This weekend I expect there may be a chance to try out some new skates at the local Birch Grove school rink! – Kris

Skiing on Caribou Lake in Lutsen for the 1st Time


A Nice Winter Day!