I stole a few breaks from work this summer and had a great time on The Northern Cross. The first time it was just me and my husband, which is a rare occurrence. When we got on the boat I felt myself relaxing immediately. The boat is so different from the four wall of a building I think I subconsciously register that I was on vacation even though we had such a short time to be there. It usually takes me a couple of days to unwind. The ‘camping on water’ feeling was a new experience and it was so much fun. As we sat on the bow I thought what a great place for locals to stay. Anyone from Duluth to Grand Marais or on the Iron Range who doesn’t have much time to plan a getaway could find a piece of another world here. Being on the boat really makes you feel like you could be anywhere you imagination can take you. It is a romantic place for a proposal or anniversary and also perfect for a solo retreat. The second time we stayed we brought the boys and they loved it. My seventeen year old decided we now needed to buy a cabin boat and my 7 year old said ‘it was the best ever’.  We grilled on the dock, watched the boats, climbed on the break wall, swam at the beach,watched a movie and took an evening stroll to the lookout.  It was amazing.

– Tala