I have been looking forward to Mush for a Cure since the Beargrease ended in January.  This unique race raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  We took a family trip up the Gunflint Trail Saturday to watch the  race.  The weather was warm, but snowing a little making the road a little icy.  We made it in time to walk by all the dogs and see up close the mushers festive pink attire.  Even some of the dogs were painted pink! 

The teams have a sourdough start, meaning they lay in their sleeping bags with their boots off and the dogs are hooked up to their trucks.  At the sound of the start, 40 teams raced to get out of their sleeping bags, get their boots on, and dogs hooked up to their sleds!  It was amazing!  The dogs were so excited to go and the mushers were moving so fast.  We stood at the far end of the starting line and all the teams came past us on their way on Gunflint Lake.  There were many younger mushers, mushers with 3-4 dogs, and then the mushers who seem to have been doing this for some time with a full team of dogs. 

After all the teams were on their way, we drove to another location to see the teams on the trail (they race on the snowmobile trail).  It was so quiet and peaceful as we watched each team make their way by to the finish. 

The finish line was at Trail Center on Poplar Lake.  There was a large tent set up with hotdogs, games for the kids and a bonfire.  It was such a good time!  $30,000  was raised and will be going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  I will look forward to watching the race in 2012! – Kris

Half the trucks lined up for the race
Pink Puppies!
Teams making their way across Gunflint Lake
Quiet Time on the Trail
Betsy Jorgenson coming 1st to the Finish Line