This Monday I had the chance to take my son on a little road trip up the Gunflint Trail.  Our destination – Seagull Beach – one of the only public sand beaches in our area.  We left our home in Lutsen and the outside temperature on my car thermometer read 55 degrees.  I thought I was crazy for even attempting the beach when it was so cold, but  I could only imagine it was warmer up the trail!  If it wasn’t maybe we would go on a hike to keep warm instead! 

The drive up the trail was nice.  We unfortunately didn’t see any wildlife, but the scenery was worth it.  We had a conversation about why the trees didn’t have any leaves and were black because of the Ham Lake fire in 2007.  As we reached the end of the trail, sure enough my thermometer had risen to 70 degrees!  Yeah – swimming would happen after all.

The Seagull beach is right at the Seagull Lake boat landing.  It has a bathroom, flat ground for some games of catch, and a nice picnic table with fire ring close by.  You walk below the picnic area to a wonderful sand beach.  It isn’t very big, but plenty of room for a few families.  We had the beach to ourselves most of the time we were there!  The other great part of the area, is you can walk about 200 feet out into the water and it is still only up to your knees – a great spot for toddlers and kids.  The water is so clear you can see the ripples in the sand from the waves, any rocks or tree debris and of course fish! 

We enjoyed our picnic lunch and made some grand sand castles, which were promptly smooshed by little feet.  We also enjoyed the water and walked almost all the way to the deep part of the water.  You can see some burned branches and places where the fire had been, but does not overwhelm the beauty of the area. 

It took us about an hour and twenty minutes to get from Lutsen to the beach and it was totally worth it! – Kris

Picnic Area
Seagull Beach
Carson testing out the water