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Multitasking Mom’s Visit to Magnetic Rock

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

This fall has been spectacular on the shore. However, since it still the busy season for Cascade Vacation Rentals, most of my Leaf Watching has been during my daily commute from Grand Marais to Tofte. Last Saturday I scheduled a work trip to our Wearing Water cabin. I was grateful for the opportunity to take a drive up the Gunflint Trail. I decided to multitask my work and mommy duties and invited my seven year-old son to come along. As we passed George Washing hiking trail, we made plans to reward ourselves with a hike at the end of the day.

I love the drive to Saganaga Lake with its ‘ends of the earth’ feeling at the crest of the US.  Skyler was a great ‘assistant’ and we finished around five o’clock.  We started down the Gunflint Trail in search of a new place to explore, thrilled with thoughts of the adventure that was waiting around the corner.  We found a small parking area with a marked trail sign that read Magnetic Rock Hiking Trail. The trail was in a part of the forest burned by fire years ago. Now, I had originally envisioned a lush, damp autumn hike under a canopy of psychedelic fall leaves.  But my practical mother side knew we needed to find a trail soon since it would be almost six by the time we got back down the hill.  The sun would be setting and it would be cooling down.  We decided this would be the place and knew the north woods would provide the fresh air and Mommy-and-Me time we sought.

At first the trail was narrow and densely wooded. We navigated our way along, hopping over little creeks and fallen trees. My daughter says it’s not a hike unless you have to step over roots and rocks. We usually hike old forestry roads so I was pretty happy with our find. After a little while the path began to open up. There were small ponds, large shelf rocks, and the sun began to warm our backs. I loved the openness and the warmth from the sun and rocks.  It’s amazing how fast the forest had regrown, revealing the new design Mother Nature had in mind. The openness allowed Skyler the opportunity to run ahead leaping and laughing as he went.

We spotted a large rock cliff that was the highest point in our new little world. That became our goal. We veered off the main path and did a little rock climbing to the peak of the rock. The 360-degree view was breathtaking. Not a soul in sight and trees as far as the eye could see. No, we didn’t beat our chest and make gorilla noises, but we were temped.  We stood and breathed in the warm fall air and let the calm wash over us. We took the path off the big rock, winding and weaving our way through the vibrantly colored bushes. The remaining picture from our hike had Skyler with a branch ‘antler’ sticking out of one side of his head. This was his treasure from our journey. My treasure is the magical moments with my son.















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Fall is in the air!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

We all know that after Labor Day anything goes for weather on the North Shore.  This year we had such a warm and sunny Labor Day weekend we might have all been in denial that fall is just around the corner.  Sure enough, the week after the temperature dropped and we are officially in fall mode.  Sweaters instead of t-shirts, leaves starting to change on stressed trees, and soups are being made instead of cold pasta salads.  We will gear up for our fall renters who mostly come up to see the pretty fall colors.  I know it is one of my favorite times of the year.  I will say goodbye to summer and welcome fall with the hopes of a couple more warm weather days. -Kris

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