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A Northwoods Field Trip

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

This week, we had 16 3rd and 4th graders (our son’s class) to our little homestead for a field trip. As soon as the kids got off the bus, they spread out and started looking at the animals. The first attraction was the pen of week-old baby chicks. Most of the kids were eager to hold and pet the fuzzy chicks. Next, we took a stroll to the Gnome Place for some tree climbing and creek crossing. After that, it was time to bottle feed the 10-day old baby goats. The kids had fun holding and petting the goats, and we were happy because it’s a good way to socialize the goats and make them easier to handle during chores.

After lunch, we did a milking demonstration and let the kids give it a try. Most of them did pretty well – at least much better than my first attempt at milking! The mama goat and the other adult goats got lots of tasty treats, including raspberry leaves – their favorite. At the same time, other kids brought bunches of fresh dandelion greens to the adult chickens next door.

A hay ride rounded out the day. We hitched up the tractor and trailer and drove down to the river with the kids lounging on hay bales. Once they were off the trailer, some kids went running to play in the woods, while others sat down on the grass to have a snack.

This may sound like more fun than education, but this small school has a charter from the Audubon Society and is committed to teaching kids about the natural world. With more and more studies showing that a sedentary, indoor life is harming our kids, it was great to watch this group have some serious outdoor time.  – Kate


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Baby Goats

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Saturday was a special day at our little “farm.” Two baby goats were born to our milk goat, Almathea. The kids watched and waited anxiously all day (especially our 9-year-old) and they finally arrived right before dinner. Within ten minutes, they were dried off, on their feet and looking for food. Our kids have been having a great time feeding them milk from baby bottles. They rushed out to the barn on Sunday morning, still in their pajamas, so excited to see and feed the babies.

Maybe it’s just me, but baby goats might be the cutest animals ever. These two are named Rosie and Rex and we’ll keep this blog updated on their growth. Soon they’ll be running and jumping and having a blast. Look for a video soon!  -Kate

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