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Sawtooth Mountains

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

The Sawtooth Mountain Range stretches from the west side of Tofte to the east side of Grand Marais. It is made up of a number peaks, with the highest one reaching 900 feet over Lake Superior. While these peaks don’t rival other mountain ranges in height, the Sawtooth Mountain Range has a noteworthy silhouette. Looking at it from a distance, the peaks resemble the teeth of a saw with their uniform size, height and angles (hence the name Sawtooth Mountains).

The range was created by a combination of volcanic activity and erosion over the past billion years. Peaks include Carlton Peak, Leveaux Mountain, Oberg Mountain, Moose Mountain, Eagle Mountain, Murphy Mountain and Sawtooth Bluff.



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Oberg Mountain Hike

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

One of the most popular hiking spots on the North Shore, Oberg Mountain Trail is not to be missed. It offers spectacular views of Lake Superior as well as of Oberg Lake and Moose Mountain. During peak fall colors, it can be a busy trail, but this time of year, it wasn’t too busy even on a Saturday afternoon.

This weekend we had friends visiting in the Lutsen/Tofte area, so we decided to bring them on this 3 mile hike. We were all excited for the afternoon hike, but none as excited as our 3 month old chocolate lab puppy. I hadn’t done this trail before (or at least not since childhood), so I was looking forward to seeing the views everyone talks about. I can now say that you won’t be disappointed. The first part of the hike is the ascent up the mountain, but not to worry, it is a moderate climb and the trail is in good condition. Once you reach the top, there is a loop around the top that provides all the vantage points. There are multiple overlooks during the hike and each offers a different but brilliant view of the area. These pictures don’t do it justice, but at least gives you a taste.

If you’d like to check out this hike during your next visit, it isn’t hard to find. Between Tofte and Lutsen on Highway 61, you turn onto Forest Road 336 (Onion River Road), which is just NE of the Onion River Wayside. Once on the Onion River Road, it is about 2 miles to the parking lot, which is well-marked and off to the left. Park and then head back towards the road to join the Oberg Mountain trail. Or, you may also access the LeVeaux Mountain trail (3 mile loop) from the same parking lot. For more information, visit the Superior National Forest site.

– Maren

View from the top of Oberg Mountain


Oberg Lake with a few tamaracks in color











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