What does take the Scenic Scenic Route to Grand Marais mean? (yes, I know we put Scenic in there twice)  It means slowing down a little and taking in the sights you might not have known about while missing the road construction in Duluth. 

Grand Marais has put together a great video and map of how to travel in the great State of Minnesota and visit some iconic small town stops like the Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station in Cloquet or the Skibo Vista on Minnesota’s Laurentian Divide.  Hop in the car with Jason Portman as he explores these great places.  Check out http://www.grandmarais.com/scenicroute/ for this fun filled computer adventure…which you too could partake in with your own car (maybe not one as cool as he has though)! 

If you are just interested in getting around the construction a little closer to Duluth, they have maps for that too. – Kris